The Angband Variant Repository

This is the home of source code for Angband and its variants.

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AlexAngband Angband Angband64
Angband65 Animeband Anquestria
BAngband BEAngband Borgband
CatHAngband Chengband Chocolate Angband
Conglomoband Craftband Cryptband
CthAngband CyAngband D11Angband
DaJAngband Diabloband Discband
DrAngband Dungeon City DvEband
Easyband eband Entroband
EricAngband EyAngband FAangband
FAangbandCE FAngband FayAngband
FFVIIband Flavorband Frazband
FuryBand Gerband GilAngband
Goingband GSNband GSN2band
Gumband GWAngband Halls of Mist
Hellband Hengband Ingband
Ironband IsoAngband IsoFunband
Iso-PernAngband IsoUnangband Jackband
JLE patched Angband Kamband KAngband
Langband MAngband Minimal
MJBand Multiband Neoband
NewAngband NewArtAngband NPPAngband
NTAngband NuAngband Oangband
OmnibandTk PAngband PCAngband
PernAngband PernMangband Ponyband
Portralis Posband PosChengband
PrfnoffAngband PrfnoffZangband PsiAngband
PWMAngband PziAngband QAngband
QuAngband Questband Quickband
RandomBand Rangband RePosband
RobertAngband Sangband SBFband
sCthangband Sil SillyBand
Smutiband STAngband Steamband
TeamAngband TFork The Iron Hells
TinyAngband TOband ToME
ToME-ah Touhou Angband Unangband
Utumno Weird XAngband
XBand Yin-YAngband Zaiband
Zangband Zceband Z+Angband

Post-2015 Variants

ComPosband FrogComposband Sil-Q

For older source, hit the "View on Github" button above and follow the README instructions.

For historical compiled binaries, packages, patches, readmes and other odds and ends, try the following links:

The Zaimoni Angband Variant Mirror
The FuryTech Angband Mirror
The FUNET mirror
The SUNET mirror